Core facilities

BIRC Equipment
MicroGrid II TAS (Total Array System), Picoliter sensitive single or Multiple Cell printer set-up, Vibration sensitive optical set up and high density imaging set up, 3 fume hoods, 1 vacuum oven, 8 incubators, freezers -80 ºC and -20 ºC, vacuum lines, centrifuges, ovens, plasma cleaner, 5 laminar flow hoods, 4 fluorescence and inverted microscopes, syringe pumps, peristaltic pumps, absorbance, fluorescence and luminescence plate reader, environmental chambers, RT-PCR, qPCR, photo-curing stations, shaker incubators, Instron (mechanical testing instrument), spin coater, laser cutter, valve controlling systems, potentiostats, cryostat, Organovo NovoGen MMX Bioprinter, and sonicators.